Why you should use a Diesel Generator

Why you should use a Diesel Generator

Although diesel is typically known as the more expensive fuel than petrol, diesel generators have a great advantage due to being a great deal more efficient and reliable than its petrol counterparts. Diesel Generators will burn around 50% less fuel during operation. As a result, naturally the diesel generator can produce much higher power output at a lower cost. Diesel generators also burn at a lower temperature than other fueled generators resulting in a significantly longer life. Another advantage of diesel generators is the benefit from the natural self-lubricating properties of the Diesel that help contribute the longevity of the generator. With Eniquest diesel generators you will overall get a much more reliable, lower life cost and longer life diesel generator. 

Advantages of an Australian made Eniquest Diesel Generator:
– Diesel generators are generally 50% more efficient than petrol 
– Higher Generator Power output
– Less maintenance due to diesel engine simplicity 
– Longer Diesel Generator life
– Diesel Engines due to design are much more rugged and reliable
– No spark plug system required resulting in less wiring and lower maintenance
– Diesel is a safer fuel than petrol (gasoline) because its vapours don’t explode or ignite as easily 
– Self-lubricating benefits of Diesel Generators
– Eniquest Diesel Generators are 100% locally supported in Australian 
– Australian Designed and Manufactured for Australian conditions.

Due to the advantages of using Diesel Generators, they are used in countless industrial and commercial application. The Diesel generators can be used for a large range of varying loads from a small solar battery backup generator and Auxiliary Power Units to Prime power stations for industrial power plant purposes. 

Eniquest Diesel Generators are Australian designed and manufactured for Australian rugged conditions.  Eniquest has an extensive range of Australian manufactured 3 Phase Generators and Single Phase generators for any application. Contact us today to get the right diesel generator for the job.