Eniquest awarded military generator export contract

Eniquest has been providing reliable power distribution, been providing DC Generators, AC Generators and Auxiliary Power Units to the Australian Military for over 10 years, such as the Auxiliary Power Units fitted to the Australian Bushmaster.  The relationship built with the Australian Military demonstrates Eniquest’s recognition of the need for reliable, compact and lightweight power generation products. They have gained a reputation for providing power solutions that can perform efficiently and reliably in the harshest conditions.

Thanks to Eniquest’s reliable high-quality generators and well-known reputation in the Military Industry, they have been awarded a contract against international suppliers to manufacture and supply the Singapore Military with 20 specialised Military grade 16kVA units.  

The challenge
To locally manufacture diesel generators using the sunshine coast supply industry, whilst meeting the stringent Military standards required, keeping costs down and supplying a world class product to a country that is well known for its exports.  

The Solution
Thanks to innovation and hard work by the Eniquest team, they have been able to do just that. Eniquest designed a niche custom solution to the project and by using local contractors to supply the high quality fabricated material, resulting in a solution that no other world renowned suppliers can provide.

Nicholas Ree, local Eniquest Engineer, who prepared the bid and oversees the supply of generators, explains that it is a true win for small manufacturing in Australia and the Sunshine Coast community “We are very proud to be manufacturing in Australia against the odds and showing the world just what the sunshine coast can offer. Not only does the Sunshine Coast have the world’s best beaches but also the world class manufacturing. Normally being a small manufacturing company who contracts out work where they can be a disadvantage in major projects, but it was thanks to our small manufacturing and flexibility with local suppliers that won us the work.”

“The generator is fully manufactured here on the sunshine coast and much of the work is contracted out to the surrounding businesses to help support the community and ensuring that much of the incoming money is kept in Australia where it is much needed. We choose to do this because we want to keep jobs local” 

The final shipments of generators are to be shipped out of Australia on Friday the 26th to a very excited Singapore customer and thanks to the success of this project it opens the window to future exports. “It’s a lot of hard work, there is no luck involved. You have to make it happen as a team and it is projects like these that make all the hard work worth it, to see high-end quality products being made local. As a result, we can offer work to the local area and employ local staff, something that Australia needs to be doing more of. And to those that say it just can be done in Australia anymore we are proof that it can.”

The export project adds to Eniquest’s current accolades, they were listed in the top 12 innovative engineers for Manufacturing for 2016 by Engineers Australia. Congratulations to Eniquests’ Lead Development Engineer and General Manager Don Pulver who has been selected as one of Australia’s Innovative Engineers for 2016 by Engineers Australia! 

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