An independent power plant’s ultimate reliability and assurance of continuity of electricity supply under all conditions comes from the engine of the generator set, so it’s important that the engine is of the highest quality and greatest reliability and efficiency.

Eniquest products use diesel engines. A diesel engine has many advantages over a petrol engine in an independent power plant application. A diesel engine has a longer life, and uses much less fuel that a petrol engine, and requires much less maintenance. Many independent energy solutions applications are in situations where diesel fuel is readily available, so a diesel engine usually simplifies fuel storage and supply.

Because diesel engines have more mechanical stress than petrol engines and cannot be simplified as much as petrol engines, they are not made for the lowest cost applications, and, therefore, are always better quality than small petrol engines. A diesel engine will last many times the life of a petrol engine. Diesel engines also have longer service intervals than petrol engines because they don’t contaminate the engine oil as much and they don’t have an ignition system.

The lack of an ignition system in diesel engines means that they are more reliable than petrol engine, especially in wet applications, and they don’t provide an ignition risk in explosive or flammable atmospheres. Diesel engine produce very little carbon-monoxide and so are much safer to use in enclosed spaces. Most of the diesel engine models that we use have high efficiency exhaust mufflers; for models that don’t, we fit special after-market exhaust mufflers to ensure quiet engine running.

Diesel engines are initially more expensive than petrol engines; however, everything else about them is less expensive. Over its life, a diesel engine may cost as little as a quarter of the cost of a petrol engine. Eniquest’s generators are fitted with high-quality Yanmar diesel engines.