How to save a million dollars, really!

How to save a million dollars, really!

With the Adani coal mine recently getting final investment approval, the Adani mine already want to try and start work early as this year if possible. The coal mine that will be located 840km from Townville will consist of 6 open cut pits, 5 underground, a coal processing plant, workers village and its own Airport. The North Queensland mine is expected dig up 60 million tonnes of coal for the next 60 years and will result in directly around 1000 jobs in the construction phase and 3800 operational jobs. With such a high volume operation and need for cost and environmental friendly operations, every bit counts. With the pressure from Australian authorities and public regarding costs, emissions and environmental impacts, Adani mine managers are looking for solutions that save money, lower fuel consumption and lower carbon tax emissions. 

So with all this in mind how do you do that? 
With the latest innovative low cost, long life generator technology provided by Eniquest. Queensland based company Eniquest are the Australian leading manufacturing company that specialise in remote area power and independent energy solutions for end users and OEM. Eniquest has recently developed an innovative, first of its kind, highly efficient, low cost and environmentally responsible low speed DC generator. The PowerMaker Husky 3.0kW and 3.6kW uses up to 75% less fuel and has up 60% smaller footprint then conventional AC generator technologies. Thanks to the safe DC power supply it also means that no high voltage safety certificate is required to work on the machine. 

What is the PowerMaker Husky3.0kW and Husky 3.6kW?
The Australian designed and built PowerMaker Husky 3.0kW and 3.6kW is a compact, lightweight, single cylinder durable generator that has extended operation life and service life. The Husky generator range unique design with a directly mounted fully enclosed Eniquest DC alternator and extremely low operation speed that will outlast the competition and ensure you have hassle free reliable power for longer. The PowerMaker Husky3.0 has a power consumption starting at 0.72ltrs per hour at full load. 

How it adds up
The table below is a comparison of conventional lighting towers to new technology low voltage DC towers powered by the Power Maker Husky3.0. The costs are inclusive of maintenance of the conventional 240V towers including fuel consumption. The innovative design of the PowerMaker Husky3.0 uses an Eniquest designed fully enclosed alternator and Eniquest large capacity Oil bypass filtration system resulting in 150% longer service intervals.

As the mine will operate at 24/7 operation during construction and operation phase, reliability and every possible saving counts. Find more information about our PowerMaker husky range here today. Give yourself the advantage as an OEM and contact us today to discuss. 

Download the brochures below.
Husky3.0 Fixed Speed Open Brochure
Husky3.0 Variable Speed Open Brochure
Husky3.0 Enclosed Variable Speed Brochure