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Although diesel is typically known as the more expensive fuel than petrol, diesel …

Eniquest was fortunate enough to be invited the Sunshine Coast Defence Industry conference to network and meet with some of South East Queensland's leading Defence Small to Medium Enterprises.

Thanks to Eniquest’s reliable high-quality generators and well-known reputation in the Military Industry, they have been awarded a contract against international suppliers to manufacture and supply the Singapore Military with 20 specialised Military grade 16kVA units.

With the Adani coal mine recently getting final investment approval, the Adani mine …

The Eniquest PowerMaker Husky3.0 and Husky3.5 is Eniquest’s latest low-speed, low-cost, long life Direct-Current generator available. The PowerMaker Husky diesel generator range that was released late last year has gained immense recognition and has become an industry leading generator range

Eniquest is the Australian leading independent power specialists and supply and design all your power storage requirements.

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