Independent Energy Solutions

Eniquest independent power plants comprise several components.

If you understand what all of these components do and how they work together you will have a better understanding of our independent power plants, what they can do for you, and how they can meet your needs.

This illustration shows all of the major components of an independent power plant and their relationships: 

Eniquest Generator Set

The Eniquest generator set makes direct-current (DC) electricity to charge the battery bank when the solar panels (if fitted) can’t provide enough energy.  The generator set has three main components: the engine, the alternator, and the controller.


The engine provides the power to turn the generator.  The engine is a high-quality Yanmar diesel engine.


The alternator converts the power from the engine into DC electrical energy to charge the battery bank. The alternator is designed by Eniquest and is made in Australia.


The controller monitors the amount of electrical energy in the storage battery bank.  When the stored energy is reduced sufficiently the controller starts the Eniquest generator to recharge the batteries. The controller oversees all aspects of storage battery management and engine operation.

Solar Panels

The solar panels convert light from the sun into electricity.

Solar Controller

The solar controller controls the flow of electricity from the solar panels to the storage battery bank, to make the best use of the solar panels and to manage the storage battery bank charging process.

Storage Batteries

The storage battery bank stores electricity that is made by the solar panels and Eniquest generator for use when you need it.


The inverter takes DC electricity from the storage battery bank and converts it into an AC electricity supply to run your mains-electricity-powered appliances.

Battery Charger

The battery charger charges the storage battery bank from mains electricity where it is available.