What We Do

At Eniquest we utilise our in house engineering expertise to provide both custom and OEM power production products for all our customers. We provide outstanding customer service not only for the duration of the project but provide outstanding support to ensure you get the most from your reliable Eniquest power solution for many years to come.

The breadth of our engineering expertise coupled with our industry experience enables us to provide a solution efficiently and effectively. At Eniquest we have various services to offers and we strive in each area to meet the customer’s needs. Our services include:


Our team is able to provide Hybrid Solar/Diesel power production systems. You have the flexibility to select from one of our standardised HPP systems or you can have a customized system to meet you’re your every need. Our Hybrid systems are successfully in operation all around Australia today. To get started look at our Hybrid Power Plant Product in Products or learn about our Hybrid systems here.

At Eniquest we design and manufacture Remote Area Power Solutions for all applications. With innovative engineering we will provide you with a power production system designed for you. We have produced many remote area power solutions for Mining, Military, Oil and Gas, Communications and Transport industry.


We design and manufacture AC/DC generators for all applications. We provide various OEM styles and sizes of power generation engines that will pass the test of time and prove to be the most reliable generator you purchased. Our generators are designed to have outstanding fuel economy and low running costs. To get started look at our AC/DC Generators in Products and enquire with us today.


Our engineered power solutions are often designed with a battery storage system to ensure you get the most efficient power production 24/7. We have a large range of batteries available. Talk to one of our friendly staff about getting the right battery for your system today.

At Eniquest we are here to provide you with outstanding customer service and support. Our systems are designed to last years and our customer support is as well. With our years of innovative experience in the power industry we are more than happy to help you find the right power solution for you. Talk to one of our friendly experienced staff today.

At Eniquest we provide power production solutions and service parts to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need of reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on. All our Military service parts and innovative project production solutions are designed to handle the harshest environments in Australia. Let us provide you with the military grade solution right for you.



At Eniquest we provide Australian built AC Diesel Generators built tough for all applications. Eniquest AC generators are engineered using Australian military technology to ensure you have the best generator for the job.



At Eniquest we provide Australian built DC Diesel Generators suited built tough for all applications. Click here to find you Australian manufactured DC Diesel Generator. 



Eniquest has Australian Manufactured AC and DC generators built specifically for telecommunications. With Eniquest you can ensure you have reliable power 24/7 no matter where you are. Click here to find you Australian manufactured Diesel Generator.



At Eniquest we provide Diesel Generators and In-Service Spares to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need for reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.


An independent energy solution is a big investment that will be part of your life for a long time – you need you be sure that you make the right choices, and you need to be well informed about the concepts and issues associated with independent energy solutions.

Eniquest can give you the answers to all of your questions.  We can help you to understand independent energy – we can give you the knowledge which will underpin your decisions and ensure that you get to the right solution.

You can get the big picture on independent energy solutions on the Independent energy page.

Here, in the links on this page, we explain clearly and succinctly the important details about the components, systems and concepts that make up independent energy solutions.

If you still have questions, or you would just like to talk to someone about your independent energy needs, you can contact us by email or phone and we’ll help you with anything that you need to know.  We’d love to hear from you!