Special Purpose Diesel Generator Sets

Even with our broad range of standard products and an extensive options 
list, we understand there is often a need for a special build generator 
set to suit specific applications. We at Eniquest are keen to adapt any 
of our standard products to satisfy your needs. With more than 20
years’ experience in developing and manufacturing our own diesel 
generator sets, you can be confident that Eniquest can provide a best 
solution for, specialised vehicle mounting, hybrid diesel battery 
systems, multiple paralleled generator systems, or to perform in 
extreme environments.

We are experienced with vehicle mounting and understand the vibration and shock loads that need to be considered. We have inhouse climatic chambers to verify performance from -32°C to + 55°C and experience with salt, dust, and humid conditions.
Please contact us to discuss your difficult to solve solution for your diesel generator set project

Husky 3.0 DC Diesel Generator Tanker Special Build

3kW generator set adapted to fit into a road tanker

10kVA generator set as critical backup on communications sites in harsh tropical Queensland environments.

40kVA Prime/Standby containerized generator sets for critical gas field power solutions.

300kVA four generators set site trailers with automatic load following