Our PowerMaker generator set range is at the core of all of our independent energy solutions. PowerMaker is a range of direct current (DC) generator sets that are designed  especially to provide DC electricity for charging a storage battery bank.  Every component of PowerMaker is optimised and integrated to ensure that a storage battery bank is charged as quickly and efficiently as possible, without risk of damaging its batteries. All PowerMaker models comprise a high-quality diesel engine, Eniquest’s own Australian-designed-and-made alternator, and a sophisticated control system.

The engine

PowerMaker models are fitted with a high-quality Yanmar diesel engine.  A diesel engine has a longer life, and uses much less fuel that a petrol engine; it also requires much less maintenance. Many independent energy solutions applications are in situations where diesel fuel is readily available, so a diesel engine usually simplifies fuel storage and supply. Find out more about the engines that PowerMaker uses here.

The alternator

PowerMaker’s alternator is designed by Eniquest and is made in Australia. PowerMaker’s alternator is a totally enclosed design, which protects internal components from exposure to corrosive or abrasive environments. Cooling is achieved by a heat-conducting finned aluminium body, without the need for a cooling fan, which increases efficiency and reliability. The alternator’s rotor is mounted directly onto the engine crankshaft and has no bearings.  The alternator’s body is mounted directly onto the engine.  Without bearings or a coupling between the engine and the alternator friction is reduced, and reliability is increased because the construction is simplified. Because PowerMaker’s output is controlled by varying the engine speed, the need for electrical regulation of the alternator’s magnetic field is eliminated.  This means that the alternator’s magnetic field can be provided by permanent neodymium magnets, which simplifies the alternator, making it more reliable, and saves the energy that would be lost in providing a field winding current. PowerMaker’s alternator is optimised for DC generation with a high-frequency, 12-pole, 3-phase alternator winding, and a high efficiency rectifier. With these innovative design features PowerMaker’s alternator is as much as 50% more efficient than conventional alternators.  You can find out more about the PowerMaker alternator here.

The control system

PowerMaker’s controller is a sophisticated digital processor that monitors and controls all aspects of PowerMaker’s operation.  The  controller is the heart and brain of PowerMaker. The controller regulates PowerMaker’s output by adjusting the engine speed, so the engine always runs at the optimum speed for the load, and no faster than it needs to, reducing fuel use, wear, and noise. It does this by adjusting the speed of the diesel engine that drives the alternator.  As the speed of the engine is increased, the power delivered from the alternator increases. The generator controller controls the engine speed by operating an electromechanical actuator that adjusts the delivery of fuel to the diesel engine. ForPowerMaker Outback models, and optionally for PowerMaker Ranger models, the control system monitors the amount of electrical energy in the storage battery bank.  When the stored energy is reduced sufficiently the controller starts PowerMaker to recharge the batteries, and stops it when the storage battery bank is sufficiently charged. All of PowerMaker’s advanced design features combine to make it so efficient that it can charge a storage battery bank using only 50% of the fuel that is used by a conventional diesel generator set, or only 25% of the fuel that is used by a conventional petrol generator set. PowerMaker is part of all of Eniquest’s independent power plants and is also available by itself for you to incorporate into your own independent energy solution. For an independent energy solution to use in your boat, there’s PowerMaker Cruise; a marine version of PowerMaker. You can find out about Eniquest’s range of PowerMaker generator sets here. You can find out about our PowerMaker diesel battery hybrid power skid range here. You can find out about PowerMaker solar diesel hybrid power plant range here. For marine applications, you can find out about our PowerMaker Cruise generator sets here.