The core of an independent energy solution is the generator, and the core of the generator is the alternator.  The alternator converts the mechanical energy from the engine into electricity.  The alternator must be rugged, reliable, and efficient. PowerMaker’s alternator is designed by Eniquest and is made in Australia.
The PowerMaker alternator is a totally enclosed design, which protects its internal components from exposure to corrosive or abrasive environments. For all models, cooling is achieved by a heat-conducting finned aluminium body.  For PowerMaker Outback models the alternator is coupled to an air-cooled motor, and is totally air cooled by convection.  For PowerMaker Ranger and Cruise models, in which the alternator is coupled to a water-cooled engine, the alternator is water cooled.  Neither the air-cooled nor water-cooled alternator needs a cooling fan, which increases efficiency and reliability. The alternator has no bearings.  Its rotor is mounted directly onto the engine crankshaft, and its body is mounted directly onto the engine. Without bearings or a coupling between the engine and the alternator friction is reduced, and reliability is increased because the construction is simplified. The PowerMaker alternator is optimised for DC generation with a high-frequency, 12-pole, 3-phase alternator winding, and a high efficiency rectifier to convert the AC electricity it inherently produces to ripple-free DC electricity. The PowerMaker alternator uses permanent neodymium magnets rather than a field winding to create the magnetic field that it needs to make electricity. This makes the generator more reliable as this simplifies construction, and increases its efficiency because it avoids using generated electricity to create the magnetic field. With these innovative design features PowerMaker’s alternator is as much as 50% more efficient than conventional alternators.


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